“Cee’s Oddball Photo challenge”…. encaustic art

Hooray… a photo challenge site that will accept photos of artwork. And being “oddball” … it’s exciting…… weird is OK, in fact welcomed. So here is one of my fav encaustic art paintings. Thanks Cee, for allowing artwork entries as well as photography as art.

ENCAUSTIC (pigmented wax) painting

ENCAUSTIC (pigmented wax) painting

But I also have heaps of odd photos… what does that say about me???!!!!Here’s one.



4 comments on ““Cee’s Oddball Photo challenge”…. encaustic art

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Odd balls are fun to collect….and in your case paint too. I knew someone else who did encaustic art and it was sure awesome. Welcome to the challenge. 🙂

    • Odd balls certainly are fun…. I have lots of them popping up in my photos as I am always striving to get something different to the run of the mill. I do like traditional “nice shots” but can get bored.

  2. Those both work and I like your painting.


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