One Word Photo Challenge: Persimmon

Yes, I said I was getting hooked on these photo challenges. From Cee’s wonderful Blog I found Jennifer’s so here are my “persimmon” photos. I love the warmth of these and others I have been viewing on her site.

12 comments on “One Word Photo Challenge: Persimmon

  1. These photos are delightful. I love the colors and the variety and quality of photos that you displayed for this color challenge. I am also an artist, Oils, Encaustics and Mixed Media, the blog I’m using for Blogging 101 is focusing on the Mixed Media Art. I find watercolor extremely challenging and want to say the the first picture in the group to the right grabbed me immediately. I love it, I know there must be more watercolors but I need to head off for a day of meetings so will try to return later to see more. Thank you, Carol

    • I will have to go back to your site and have another look Inthink it was yours where I went to the gallery with cats but could not see any pics… did not load. I would love to see some of your at the encaustic work, Carol. I do a lot of different media… lately encaustic miniatures in jewellery settings. Thank you so much for your feedback… and yes watercolours are challenging, especially on silk. My preference is for media that flow, where exciting things evolve. Lots of photography bloggers … your the only other encaustic artist I have met. 🙂

  2. julie dutra says:

    The colours are beautiful.

  3. I LOVE these! So glad you discovered the One Word Photo Challenge. Thank Cee for me 🙂

    • And thank you so much for taking the time to reply…. and so positively. I will start my day with a spring in my step (metaphorically though as I have mobility problems….lol…. it is all in the head)

  4. dorne whale says:

    What fabulous images. You’ve got yourself a new follower. I look forward to seeing your future posts.

    • I am glad you like them. Just posted my One word photo challenge: beige, selections. It was interesting…. such an un-inspiring colour but I was surprised at how many images I had for this. Selected 11… could have been many more.

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