Dragon reflections

Oh dear, this art blog is turning into a photography one. There are so many more photo blogs out there than painting ones and many have challenges which I enjoy. I could put out painting challenges (may do) but they take more time to do. Also photography is so accessible to everyone in this digital age. Anyway photography IS an artform… not necessarily snapshot type but carefully composed, discovered images which communicate. Today I am responding to Cee’s Oddball photo challenge.

Reflection of the Dragon

Reflection of the Dragon

This image of mine is real but looks abstract. It seems to be foil wrapping paper but it is actually reflections in the water of the Dragon Resturant at Lakes Entrance in Victoria. With all the lovely views around the “Dragon reflections” took my eye. The light was strong (late afternoon), the angle just right and I happened to be there at that moment. That is what photography is. A few minutes later and the “Dragon magic” had gone.

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