My Tasmanian summer garden

I have been out all weekend but it was lovely to get out into the garden with the camera after dinner….. that is until the mosquitos started feasting on me!!. The summer heat has set in and the ground is dry so I wanted to take a stroll and  capture some of the beauty before the garden succumbs to the full impact of summer. …….Although after the summer blooms there will be the seed heads… a variety of shapes that always fascinate me

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4 comments on “My Tasmanian summer garden

  1. Shirley Burley says:

    Hullo 🙂 fellow blogging101 student here… Gardens are such a wonderful luxury… How lucky to have beautiful flowers and plants right outside your door… great post.

  2. Yes I do agree… it is a lot of work trying to keep an acre of garden tidy but I am very lucky. Pity I can’t give you some so we can keep the rest more in order!

  3. lb9studios says:

    Amazing pictures hon (:

  4. Thank you Ib9studios…. as Shurley Burley said I am indeed lucky to be able to walk out my door into my garden. /though today I must weed… i wonder if that dandelion has dispersed it’s seed throughout?…. one million more weeds!!!?????

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