Black and White Sunday Photo Challenge…. Through

Black and White Sunday photo challenge…. “Through”…. I saw this from a post on blogging 101 and tried to join in but could not quite work it out…. a lot of info sometimes makes things harder and I am a tad impatient sometimes, especially late in the day/evening when I still have things to finish for the day. Anyway, I thought, as I had prepared a “through” photo , and as I LOVE photography and it is on my mind today after my garden pics, and as I like a topic/theme challenge…. I would post my image of a boy running THROUGH the water at a beach. I love this photo and took it some months ago. There was little colour anyway due to the time of day and the intensity of the light and I thought it would translate well to B&W. The challenge group won’t find it but, oh well, I enjoyed doing this anyway.

running through the water

running through the water

8 comments on “Black and White Sunday Photo Challenge…. Through

  1. andy says:

    beautiful header and awesome black and white 🙂

    • Thank you Andy. Black and white is special… even done digitally. The dark room, silver gelatine b&w, was even more magical. The header is a bit of a watercolour from my abstracting the landscape series. Thanks for the positive feedbacvk

  2. Wonderful job on all your updates! The gallery looks so artistic.

    • Thank you, your feedback is really appreciated. I did not realize how much I did not know about blogging. The widgets on my blog before were what someone else added for me…. but did not explain or show me how (actually I never knew what a widget was except for a sort of cute word). I am exploring more since blogging 101 but it takes time.

  3. This is a beautiful photo and the photo gallery widget just to the right here is a stunning way to highlight your work. You have an amazing talent.

    • Thank you aranisland girl…. like you I appreciate the simple things,…. hand made, photography, growing our own food. Just picked zucchini, tomato, spinach and more fruit than we can eat (apricot, peach, raspberries, lemons) but we buy our meat.

  4. Yes, Faraday’s Candles the tutorials are good… and become easier once in the right “mode” and more familiar with the wording etc.

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