Hello neighbours…. more Tassie Travels photos

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Isn’t it lovely having guests, taking then out, sharing the lovely sights around where you live, stopping for a coffee or a walk, chatting and, for me, taking photos. That is what I have been doing for the last week or so.
These are some of the photos of where I live on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia…….. now tidied up into a slideshow.

3 comments on “Hello neighbours…. more Tassie Travels photos

  1. Elaine A Game says:

    These are just wonderful Evelyn… such a different view of Tasmania , we are so lucky to be here .your photography is like your art.. unique and of course professional.

  2. Elle Knowles says:

    These are beautiful pictures. Always fun to find another maker of art and a beach person. (Sewing is art isn’t it? 😉 And so is writing! I live in the Florida panhandle so beach people make me happy!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful images of summer. Right now in Rhode Island it is 16degrees F. We live a block from the beach and love summer. Spring in 60 days!

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