Blogging 101, assignment 1 ABOUT ME

I do hope I am doing this right but I guess the world will turn even if I stuff up. I do already have an ABOUT page from when I started my blog some years ago. But it is all about my art, which made sense as that is why I started my blog in the first place. Today I will add a bit of new info…. a bit more about ME!… which is still all about ART!!!! So if you are not interested in art, bye bye…. you may be bored. If you are interested in art, especially painting here is a bit about me and my “addiction”.

Miniatures to murals, careful pencil illustration to lyrical expressionist abstraction; I enjoy exploring the possibilities and sharing the discoveries with others. For me it is this constant exploration and experimentation which keeps my passion for art thriving.

I do not see art and craft as separate entities. They are part of a continuum of creative experience and edges blur. Similarly I do not like overly categorising and boxing off of different pursuits and media… exciting things can happen when one links across the perceived boundaries.

Teaching art has reinforced in me that as human beings it is natural to want to create, and discovering which medium, style and subject suits is exciting. I continue to share this with others in workshops which I have conducted for all ages from infant to adult, all ability levels and with a diverse range of media including watercolour, silk painting, acrylics, encaustic art, ink and soft pastels.

I often use the term art play in respect to sessions as I believe we learn and create inspiring works when we adopt an attitude of productive play. Creating art has a multitude of benefits. If a successful piece is created that is a bonus but not the sole purpose as “the journey is paramount”

In my own art-play Nature provides the primary inspiration. Fluidity is something evident in my art and related to this is an underlying Zen influence.

I prefer to paint positive visual experiences, a celebration of our gift of sight and an appreciation of our wonderful island. My most frequently resurging theme is the coast with its ephemeral nature and wealth of textures.

So that is me… EvAntArt or Evelyn Antonysen, visual artist. Oh, and significantly I am a type one Diabetic (46 years of injections and increasing complications) and that affects this life I love in MANY ways.

5 comments on “Blogging 101, assignment 1 ABOUT ME

  1. ajeya says:

    I believe writing is “written art”. I have been an art student. I visit museums, painting exhibitions and like them. But abstract artforms especially, abstraction in painting is a really head-breaker. Wish you good luck with the blog

    • I like all types of art and agree about writing being an “art”. And on abstraction … love it when done well, and love creating abstracted works… or more usually semi-abstracted.

  2. artkleko says:

    An enjoyable article, Evelyn. I think one’s blog is one ‘talking’ to one’s self, with an audience. It’s good to ‘put to paper’ now and then, your thoughts and beliefs as it helps reinforce who you are and what you’re doing (as an artist).
    I see craft and art as two distinct fields of expression, but I agree that sometimes the distinction becomes blurred. It’s a case of ‘uniqueness versus mass production’, for me, but I have a broad taste and it’s not uncommon for me to appreciate (even buy) something that has many ‘cousins’.
    Keep up the good work. I admire your passion for your art/craft.

  3. I agree absolutely with your craft/art difference Richard. Why I ponder this so much is that some fellow artists believe that when I put one of my original silk miniature paintings , for example, into a frame it is fine art, but the same painting in a pendant or bracelet setting is craft….. a poor cousin to “art” evidently. The fact that it is an original painting, for me, makes it art. If I copied from a template using a design from someone else I would see it as craft.
    You are the person responsible for starting me on this blogging a few years ago … I was so inspired by your blog.

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