Painting on Yupo

Anyone who follows my art knows that I love experimenting. For some time I have been trying to paint my memories of when I could go into caves.  Karst geology is fascinating and we have wonderful examples of Karst system caves in Tasmania. I am rarely happy with my  paintings of the limestone caves and I have been pondering how to get closer to what I want. I think this one is getting there.

I used the synthetic Yupo surface , a very slippery, plastic “paper” and I worked with pigment ink or liquid acrylic because of the intensity of colour. I have worked on Yupo before with watercolour paint and the colour lifts off easily. I thought the pigment ink would be similar but ,of course, as it is acrylic,

Mole Creek Caves, Tasmania

Mole Creek Caves, Tasmania

it stays permanently in place. There is a lot of negative painting in this to retain the lights.

One comment on “Painting on Yupo

  1. kestrelart says:

    Really nice
    Karst. Great word for great scenery.

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