New off the easel… waterfalls in watercolour, flowers on silk and a Bittern.

Tumbling (Pencil Pine Falls)JPGGeo-art, Guide Falls The edge

Put together recent trips to some waterfalls and the free, Zen style, semi-abstract watercolours and it is no wonder waterfalls have flowed onto the canvas (well, watercolour paper actually). My aim is to depict the feeling of the cool misty water spray and the movement. I do so love water…. painting with it swimming in it, watching it.

The nasturtiums is a  silk painting, mostly done in a watercolour technique but some of the primary flowers have a rich gold gutta outline. This work is about colour, the joy of life and the tangled webs we weave. The stems of nasturtiums do twist and entwine and the plants themselves are so tenacious… hence the title of this work “Tenacity”.Tenacity

Coast Guard (Bittern)The bird, (a bittern), was done in preparation for my bird exhibition in December but this painting will head to see if it selected to hang in the Tasmanian Art Awards, at Eskleigh, before being shown in Burnie. This work is more carefully drawn and hints to my original degree in Sciences (but so too does the geology of the vertical waterfall painting with its basalt columns and polygonal jointing… Guide Falls, Burnie, Tasmania)

3 comments on “New off the easel… waterfalls in watercolour, flowers on silk and a Bittern.

  1. Pat bienefelt says:

    Love your recent work in silk. What do you think is the best way to stop colours running.? I,ve tried hairspray, sugar and purchased bottles of gummy mixtures. Would appreciate an idea or two now I am getting a bit better. Love, pat b

    • Hello Pat. I do not use antidiffusant, though I do have a number of different ones for people at workshops to try and occasionally I will use some. My way of painting on silk is free flowing watercolour style rather than illustrative. If I ever inhibit the flow of the paint I use gutta for delineating an area or sometimes a bit of wax. My method is to carefully select my brush type according to how much water it will hold, load the brush carefully and be aware of the water content of brush, paint and fabric (as for watercolour). I will vary the brush pressure and length of time for which it is in contact with the silk and I do always have a hairdrier close at hand. Hence my silk works really are watercolours on silk. I agree that a lot of the anti-flow solutions are gummy.

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