Latest silk painting… nasturtium

Our nasturtiums have been grown in large pots and an old wheelbarrow this year and they are overflowing their containers. A profusion of greenery speckled with some colourful flowers, they look very healthy, even in our cold winter months. For this reason I have called this painting tenacity as they are truly a tenacious plant.
Technical details…
10 mommie Habutai pure silk stretched onto a wooden frame for working
iron fixed paint for silk (various brands),
gutta resist outline for some flowers, leaves and some squiggles (rich gold gutta applied through a metal tip on an applicator bottle)
watercolour technique in the background
completed and fixed work mounted onto pre glued foamcore then framed behind glassNasturtiums on silk... Tenacity

2 comments on “Latest silk painting… nasturtium

  1. lovely, as usual! But on, if you are in Lonnie, a group of us are having a digital show at the Manhattan Cocktail Bar. Also, there is a Regional National Arts Conf. in W.A. october, to which The Holographic Lounge Room Experience (facebook) people are taking work from tas. artists. Check it out on the site I am one of the artists, as are quite a few others that you know. There would be further info on the Reg. site as well. You just submit four digital images of your best work and they do the rest, as far as I can work out.

  2. Such a pity I cannot be in Lonnie on Thursday as I would love to join in and appreciate the invitation. I am in Victoria at present and on Thursday will be heading to Canberra to 4 Corners gallery and framing to take some new stock (abstracted landscape in watercolour (and sumi ink) and some silk jewellery. Will also be taking a watercolour workshop there then head north for a bit before returning August 12 in time for LAS workshop on silk painting. I know of the WA conference but not of the Holographic Loungeroom Experience. Will check it out. Thanks

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