Simple skies in watercolour for beginners

Well my “under 20 min a day “watercolours have gone by the way as other things have cropped up. Getting more silk and encaustic pendants done for a couple of galleries has been a high priority and of course classes and a few family things like “mothers’ day” and my sister’s 60th birthday. Today’s class was a repetition of one I took a few weeks ago as a couple of people who were present today had missed it. The topic, simple skies, as for a landscape artist skies are critical and in watercolour they are created so beautifully.
We used an eighth of a sheet Saunders 300gsm rough paper (good for dry brush and for lifting colour if needed). Two blues… cool and warm, a neutral red like brown madder and a yellow (raw sienna is a “safe” yellow).
Dividing the paper into 3 sections using narrow masking tape, the sections are easy to work and view the behaviour of the paint and water across the whole section. Important when learning. 90 % of each work is done with a soft goat hair, one inch hake brush. This encourages broad sweeping strokes and reduces the temptation to push the paint in a controlled manner.
The first sky was painted wet-in-wet, the second wet-on -dry, and the third with some lifting with both a thirsty taklon brush and with a tissue used variously. The suggestion of landscape below is based on our glacial valley with their small tarns and sloping hills cradling the valley

painting simple skies in watercolour

painting simple skies in watercolour

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