Silk pendants off to Canberra….. 4 Corners Picture Framers

silk pendants 4 corners CanberraThese six pendants are headed off to 4 Corners Picture Framers in Canberra. I am so pleased that Carol and John called in to buy some matted works which they will frame for re-sale. I know they will frame them well and do hope they sell quickly for them so they get a return on their investment. They purchased some silk brooches and paid these pendants which I have just finished for them. (posting after the long weekend).
Carol and John have a lovely gallery display (though I have only viewed on line) and I do hope I can visit Canberra later in the year to see their 2 venues and say hello again. They are so enthusiastic about art, I was fortunate that they called in to Burnie Makers Workshop and found my work. Their preferred was the more contemporary semi-abstracted watercolours which I so love doing as they allow the creative juices to flow.
You can order a pendant of this style for yourself or as a unique gift… original watercolour on silk (NOT a print of a work, this is the real thing!), in a silver tray with glass cabochon over, 25×50 mm. Silver snake chain included if requested at no extra cost. Order in a colour to suit you. I will pay postage. Only $40 AUD. (wholesale discount on enquiry).

2 comments on “Silk pendants off to Canberra….. 4 Corners Picture Framers

  1. Riana Basson says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! I so wish to order one of these pendants! My son lives in Hobart and I( his mother), live in Cape Town ,South Africa! Is there anyway to go about buying one? What would you suggest?
    Kindest Regards
    Riana Basson

    • Hello Riana. I am in the process of scanning some of the ones I currently have to send images to another gallery which would like to select some. I only have one more of these settings and could do one using that of whatever colour you suggest then put an image on my blog for you to see. If you want it. I also have some in other settings which I hope to post over the next few days. If Ok I can email bank account payment details so you can direct pay into bank through your bank and when confirmed her I will post to you to an address you email me. I am looking into an Etsy shop which may be better as I think that is linked to PayPal. Just takes a bit of time to organise as I seem to keep on getting distracted by painting!. Needs email contact for details

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