Limited palette watercolour… landscape impression

This is a demo painting from today’s class, using quinacridone gold and Paynes grey (W&N) and Burnt Sienna (Maimeri) with a weak glaze of cyan (Maimeri) over the sky when the paint was dry. A bit of ink work with a palette knife and rigger brush on the dried painting to get the final contrast for “oomph”. My signature twiggy dead branches which are in windswept areas here. If you try it, do keep some whites with dry brush technique. Paper choice is important… soft and textured. I chose Langton 300gsm roughTwiggy

5 comments on “Limited palette watercolour… landscape impression

  1. kestrelart says:

    Very impressive

  2. Thank you Jacklyn and Kestralart. Positive feedback is always encouraging…. even more so when it comes from fellow artists

  3. Hi Evelyn, I saw this on Facebook but had no time to comment, so am doing so here (hopefully) I really love this one – the colours are very appealing and the subject goes right to my heart. Excellent job Evelyn – I hope you do live to 500!

    • Thanks Ngaire… I admire your art too. Living to 500 would be great… heaps of art time… but I do not want the body to deteriorate any more than it’s rather sad state now.

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