Handpainted christmas cards

This year I did well to paint quite a few Christmas card originals in watercolour, pigment ink and acrylics. The only trouble is, very few were posted in time. I did enjoy the creating but perhaps purchasing and posting may have been more sensible. All artists know though, that sensible often flies out the door when the creative urge is in full play.
Anyway I have posted some on facebook and I will post two here as I have ignored my poor blog for a couple of months (New years resolution needed?).
Actually I have had really good sales lately, selling out of quite a bit of stock … especially encaustic pendants, silk cards and big brooches and the scarf and matching brooch sets. I do not seem to be able to keep stock long enough to put on Etsy… maybe another New Year plan required. Replenishing stock for current commitments has kept me very busy.

Anyway for those who indulge, do enjoy the festive season 2013 and may Peace be with you.
I am truly fortunate to live in Tasmania, Australia where we enjoy a life of such privilege compared with many. I am fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for painting and appreciate the people who take time to show an interest in what I do.Thank you.

orange baubles

Christmas bell 2013

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