Garden Art… painting on corrugated iron

Next weekend is a local garden party which is organised by a very enthusiastic gentleman, Jock Littler, as a fundraiser for secondary Cancer. This year Jock had the idea of getting artists to paint on corrugated iron… something which I have talked of doing for our garden for several years but have never obtained the iron to do it.
The works will be auctioned and the lucky purchasers can install them along fences or to section private spots in their gardens. I will be painting at Jock’s event on the day (Sunday 13 Oct) but have already completed one work of over 6 feet (2 meters) in length.
We have had such wild windy weather and our garden is very untamed so I had to paint a windswept view….titled “On the Wild Side”. I also felt most works are likely to be very much more structured… more akin to graphic design…. and of course I always like to be different. I am really happy with the result… it looks great in our garden. Such a pity that To keep it for myself I have to outbid others at the auction (I already know of 2 people who want to bid for it). Many have said “you can do another one”, and while this is true, in this free style it is not possible to duplicate. Once one tries too hard to copy, the fluidity and absolute freedom tend to get lost.
The next I will do vertically of tree trunks…. then I do not have the difficulty of working across the hills and vales which was tricky when flicking grasses on. I overcame this to some extent by using a feather with which to apply the paint. It was much more flexible than a brush.
Great fun and you do not have to worry about insufficient wall space!

Garden Art, On the Wild Side, painted on corrugated iron

Garden Art, On the Wild Side, painted on corrugated iron

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