limited palette watercolour; 2 colours only

There are so many things to learn in watercolour and often choosing colours is something new painters focus on. This is understandable as we are in a very colour conscious, indeed often colour saturated, world. But to show how simple colour harmony and correct tone can result in a pleasing painting without the confusion of a barrage of different colours, I am currently working with just 2 colours with my new watercolour students on a Tuesday (which 2 colours depends on the image the painting is based on, and we discuss this choice first). This little work (card size), was done as a demonstration this week. The 2 colours used were cyan (Maimeri) and Light Red (Winsor and Newton). Working small means it is possible to watch the whole work and observe subtle intentional and incidental changes as they occur. Doing hundreds of these (they do not take long) is a great way to learn how watercolour behaves and I find them very relaxing2 colour watercolour. The location for this painting is Burnie, Tasmania. I often snap a few pictures when I work up there as a silk painter. this was a cold, wet, winter’s day. On such days we often get lovely soft changing light.

One comment on “limited palette watercolour; 2 colours only

  1. Riana Basson says:

    Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! I love your paintings so much,it touches something in my sole!

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