Ink and Watercolour wash… old hut

I have done an ink and wash painting of this disintegrating hut before, but each time it comes out differently…. that is because I like to work in a loose, not too structured manner. Interestingly I have been painting in very strong colour recently…. the dance of life series, colourful silk works and watercolour flowers….. and that use of stronger colour has unintentionally carried through here. Usually in ink and wash my colour is more subtle, a minor player as the ink lines dominate.
This work has a destiny mapped out…. re-visit this site next week when all will be revealed.
ink and wash… old hut Arm River Tasmania

3 comments on “Ink and Watercolour wash… old hut

  1. kestrelart says:

    What makes this sing is the bits you didn’t paint. That takes skill.

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