Watercolour techniques… clingwrap

For the past week with my art classes we have been enjoying using cling wrap to create exciting textures in watercolour. With practise one can have a degree of control over the patterning but as with many of the techniques I prefer, part of the art creativity is the serendipity of it, and working with what happens. My starting thoughts for this particular painting were sunlight and forest. I chose a lemon yellow, cyan and a little red (all transparent), put bold colour on the wet paper, arranged the cling wrap then left sitting for a while before drying with the hairdrier (in a class I often need to hasten drying of my demo works). I then worked quite extensively into this “base” letting the patterns suggest the evolution of the piece.
Can you see the remnants of the cling wrap patterning? I do not like such techniques to be too obvious. They should enhance the painting not be the primary focus.
We will look at this again in classes this week so if you are able to attend a session on Tuesday or Wednesday evening (7.30) or Friday afternoon (1p.m), you will get instruction in this. (I can provide gear).

Forest mystery

Forest mystery

2 comments on “Watercolour techniques… clingwrap

  1. Brandy says:

    I love this painting. It’s so beautiful, and the colors are amazing. And no, I can’t see any place where the cling wrap technique is obvious..

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Brandy. The glow comes from using watery, transparent colours, and not over-working those areas. I use Maimeri watercolours as I love their transparency and that they are more moist than many other watercolours.

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