MARBLING WORKSHOP. January 13th 2013

/>Marbling with textMARBLING workshop
Sunday 13th January 2012

1pm to 4pm
at Forth Art Studio, 51 George St, Forth
Cost $45 includes materials tea/coffee.
Floating paints or dyes on a fluid and dragging a feather or comb through creates wonderful patterns. This is the basis of marbling. At a bookmaking workshop some participants used paper I had marbled on the inside covers …. that was the birthplace of this workshop as some want to learn this ancient craft. What paints/dyes to use, what to use as a base so the paint does not sink…. you will learn these things at this workshop and go away with some marbled paper, envelopes, writing set, maybe a blown marbled egg, a pencil, box, handkerchief…….

One comment on “MARBLING WORKSHOP. January 13th 2013

  1. Two-toned marbling, or akkase ebru, is made using a technique similar to written marbling. Sections of a lightly colored marbled paper are coated with glue and the paper is them immersed into the basin containing darker colors. The lighter parts that have glue on them will remain unchanged, while the part without glue will absorb the darker colors.

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