Equine in Pastel

I have been very fortunate to be enjoying young Amy Burton’s amazing pastel works as I have cut matts for them over the past couple of weeks. Amy is a year 12 student who has found her medium late in the course of study this year. And she is a natural. I find many people do rather stiff pastel works but Amy’s have soul. Her passion for horses and for art are captured in her amazing works. I only photographed one and asked her permission to share. Amy lives at Sheffield and studies at St Brendan Shaw College but I am so proud that I have also been able to offer some guidance and support for ther amazing talent. She should achieve good results in her assessment. Today after works were assessed by the external assessors she was informed that 5 of her works were selected for the statewide year 11/12 ARTRAGE exhibition. Well done Amy. I am so proud to have been a little part of this.

3 comments on “Equine in Pastel

  1. Lovely work Evelyn, thanks for sharing
    Amy’s impressive pastel painting.

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