New Silk Scarf sets

I have been immersed (not literally) in the lovely colours of silk dyes lately as I prepare for Tasmania’s big Craft Fair at Deloraine which is on in the first weekend of November. Each handpainted scarf has a matching big brooch which can act as a pin to hold the scarf in place or worn separately. the brooch on the blue scarf is an encaustic painting while the others are all original silk miniature paintings.

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3 comments on “New Silk Scarf sets

  1. Sandra feely says:

    Where can I buy these treasures? 😊

    • I have a few outlets in Tasmania, Australia. Other than that from me direct or by clicking the link to Handmade Australia … although I think I need to update that. You will need to let me know what sort of colour you are thinking of, I do, send images and go from there. Sorry about the months of delay… did not get notification of the comment. 😦

    • contact me by email or Facebook… messenger

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