Encaustic for Wonders of Wynyard

It is a while since I have done any encaustic art and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this medium again to create some colourful, abstracted, textural works for my TOUCH exhibition to be held at Wonders of Wynyard over the month of September 2012. The wax glides beautifully onto the gloss paper substrate and with theapplied  heat it can  be manipulated into various thicknesses and patterns. In much of my art work  I love soft edges which dissipate into a distant haze but in encaustic what appeals is  crisp well defined edges and strong contrast in a bold approach. I do not give these works a title which suggests what one should see in them but rather leave the viewer to make their own discoveries.

4 comments on “Encaustic for Wonders of Wynyard

  1. kestrelart says:

    I’m. Not familiar with this medium. I like the effects a lot and will look into this more. Great pictures.

    • Encaustic is an ancient medium which in the 1990’s saw a resurgance with the use of heatguns and small craft irons making the process easier. These are the tools (along with an electric heated stylus sometimes) which I employ although when time permits I would like to explore more of the ancient techniques. The wax I use is preprepared commercial pigmented wax blocks although again I want to live to be 500 or so to have time to explore lots of art experiences. The effects you can get are amazing and exciting. I think with your love of experimentation, enjoyment of “happenings” but also of the analysis of such evolutions, and scientific leaning you would enjoy encaustic art (painting with hot wax).

  2. misscorrigan says:

    These are incredible I want to stare into them forever.

    • So pleased you like them. In my exhibitions I love to show a variety of works and media. I have been criticised for my displays lacking the cohesiveness of a single medium and subject, but I think that aim can be boring after the twentieth painting so I go for interest and diversity. You are right with the encaustic, the surface patterns “happen” and are really compelling to look at. Variations are at times subtle with some very bold. Wonderful. I just use the modern encaustic kit plus a heat gun and extra pure beeswax but explore far beyond what is suggested by most peolpe who work with the modern encaustic kit. Thanks so much for the feedback.

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