Trees in watercolour

These recent watercolours are part of a set of commissioned works for the Madsen Private Hotel in Penguin. They are refurbishing a room retaining  the historic building feel with its prevelance of timber, but with a bit of contemporary flair to link to the presentation of other areas. The works are square…. a bit of a challange for the subjects chosen….. and to fit 50cm square frames.

One set of three works, shown here,

are of tree trunks, a beautiful subject for playing with watercolour…. mingling colours, deliberate watermarks and palette knife effects for texture, and tricklings of Sumi ink. I chose an ultra rough, soft textured paper to enhace the textural properties of the subject.

4 comments on “Trees in watercolour

  1. Loving your use of colours!

    • Thank you. This is a lovely subject to play with for watercolour. Australian Eucalypts show a range of colours in their trunks and flooding the paint
      onto the paper at varying degrees of wetness is pure watercolour magic..

  2. These are beautiful! The colours are indeed incredible! Helen

    • I feel honoured to have such an accomplished illustrator comment favourably on my work. I am originally a Maths Science teacher so I really appreciate your excellent work. Interestingly, I am working less and less in an illustrative manner and try to allow myself to be a free painter (not easy)… but you will see some in my next post.

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