Ink and wash images (workshop)

The slideshow here contains works from my recent ink and watercolour wash workshop. In the morning we looked at types of ink , from solid ink stick to liquid acrylics, shellac based liquid ink and biros and pens of various types. Next we considered applicators…. pens, firm brushes, rigger brush, soft brush, brush pen, bamboo or reed pen and ruling or nib pens. The properties of the mark depend on the materials used (especially the applicator and the surface). Three different papers were used to explore line versus tone and methods of application of the ink. Finally we looked at watercolours including useful ones for travelling with maximum benefit and little bulk. A light print of a pencil sketch was  worked on in two diffeent manners. In the afternoon we did not venture outdoors due to weather conditions but instead chose A4 print photos as references for quick sketches rather than carefully rendered watercolours. Most worked small as would usually be the case when travelling. There was a lot to take in…. now it is up to participants to enjoy playing with the techniques. With practise comes confidence. They each were given a sheet of suitable watercolour paper and a pigment ink pen to encourage continuation.  

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One comment on “Ink and wash images (workshop)

  1. artkleko says:

    I like your approach with these exercises, Evelyn. It will be interesting to see what your students produce.

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