Oil Pastel Painting

Wow these colours are bright…..maybe over the top…. but being someone who often uses a touch of a complimentary colour in a mix  to slightly neutralize the colours in my traditional landscape works, I find this contrasting style rather stunning. A different support this time tends to give stronger colour. Get the old oil pastels out and try it! I will have to do a workshop on this technique I reckon. If you are a community or art group who want to host one, please talk to me. All those in my classes so far have enjoyed this process and been impressed with their results …. and the materials are not expensive.  Best suited to flower field type works but I have ideas for other subjects (along with thousands of other art ideas which may or may not be born). This one was inspired by sunset in our Tassie mountain areas and the plains that are covered with our whites native iris ( I was thinking of visits to Lake Lea up Cradle Mt way but it is not topographically acurate at all)

2 comments on “Oil Pastel Painting

  1. Deby says:

    Beautiful Painting :)))) Don’t know that I could ever paint something like that but will give it a go 🙂 Love the colours “stunning”

    • Thanks Deby. Looking at your gallery at acrylics on canvas I think your works would go really well in this medium. Give it a go. More info on how in an earlier post on same style of work or if you’re ever in Tassie call into my studio in Forth (Under 15 mins from the Devonport Ferry terminal so you could be here for breakfast from Melbourne).

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