Autumn Mystery. Watercolour

This is a commissioned work for Thomas’s of W.A. Visiting Tassie they saw me with my art at Penguin Market Artspaces. They liked a small watercolour of an autumn scene but wanted a slightly larger work. I explained that especially with wet techniques in watercolour the works can be similar but never the same. Because of the way I work in a free, loose manner I prefer to enjoy the individual difference (much like re people) rather than try to tightly copy and reproduce a preconceived structure. They benefit too from having a very individual artwork never to be repeated in the  same way. I am happy with the result and I never insist the commissioner purchase such works. I would hate someone to end up with a painting that they don’t like. Fortunately they too are happy so now a little of Tassie Autumn will live in W.A.

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