PASTEL: poppy fields, nostalgic walk

I started this work some months ago and finally got the pastels out and set up to complete it. I don’t do as many pastels as other media partly due to the greater difficulty storing the work. Studying pastel under Helene Vasilj I like applying pastel in a variety of ways, something which she encouraged. These days I do less rubbing of the pastel into the paper surface, prefering feathering and scumbling which give a broken surface and allow natural blending as the colours are overlaid.

4 comments on “PASTEL: poppy fields, nostalgic walk

  1. Connie says:

    I love this, I did my first project tonight and I thought I would look at others and this one stopped me in my tracks, the colors are so beautiful. I would hang this in my living room, I would love to be able to do this. but I agree on the storage issue. What do you do with all your stuff? I would not even begin to know what to do with it all… Well thanks for sharing, it is so beautiful!!!!

    • Thanks Connie. Beware if you become “addicted” to producing creative works as I am. I sell a lot but then do many more. I love experimenting with many media and make practical, useful creative items too. Watercolours I often mat and sell unframed which is easier cost wise and storage wise and easier for tourists to take with them. I wrap them in cellophane for protection. That is no good for pastels due to the dust so they need framing., hence I do not do as many pastels. This particular one is framed and in the spare room in storage at present. I have 3 exhibitions coming up this year and may make one of them on a garden theme. If so this painting will go in that and maybe it will sell… but I am happy to keep it. Sometimes it is hard to part with your “babies”.

  2. silksforyou says:

    I adore poppies that is so beautiful!

  3. Silk for you …..we have at least to things in common that we love then…. flowers, especially poppies and creating art with silk. It must have a lot to do with a love of colour, and perhaps a preference for flow. If you go to my silk painting by eve link on my blogroll you will see that poppies is one of my most frequent silk painting subjects (other than miniature landscapes or colour scarves which have no specific design).

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