Burnie Hospital Mural(Children’s Ward) progress shots

Still a long way to go!!! This is in the examination room and will include interactive sea creatures whch children can place in the scene, and can be used for story-making as a distraction from the situation.

2 comments on “Burnie Hospital Mural(Children’s Ward) progress shots

  1. Cassandra Muir says:

    That looks so good!!
    Love the colours. What type of paint are you using?
    Love you Aunty,

    • evantart says:

      Glad you like it Cass. Its fun to do but taking a while. Underwater scenes are great for playing with exaggerated colour and fun shapes. Have another mural to do at Burnie Hosp too… will have waterfall and stream with trees, birds, frogs etc, and some rural hills in background (based on Guide Falls and Burnie surrounds). Using special mural paints which I carry with my art retail business… called Permaplastik.
      Painted an Ostrich egg commission last week too (Scarlet Robin), but I forgot to photograph it. Turned out well.
      Will put some photos of class works on my blog tonight. Want to keep it up to date so it is worth revisiting.

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